‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…’

Firstly, yes, we are musical fans (don’t judge us!). Secondly, this is more about YOU getting to know US but we couldn’t find another song that worked…although maybe ‘we are family’ is a better option?!

Anyway, enough of that. Hello! We are the Murray family and we are, and have been for 8 and a half years, the proud owners of the Dowans Hotel in Aberlour. It has been an exciting journey with a few ups and downs (hello 2020/Covid!) – including a purchase of a second hotel in the area (Hotel 1881 at Archiestown) – but, most of all, it has been an experience that we, as a family, wouldn’t change for the world; and with a year worth of (a lot of) discussions of where this journey is going to take us next in our ownership of two Speyside hotels, we certainly anticipate that it is going to be one that is going to continue to challenge and motivate us.

The aim of this blog is to allow you, our valued current and future guests, to join us on our journey and learn more about who we are and what we’re about as a family run and operated business; so, hop on board and let us take you with us!