From a Whisky Sour and Bramble to David's Not so Bitter and Trade Winds. The MBar Bar at the Dowans Hotel Speyside

The MBar at the Dowans Hotel Speyside offers the perfect surroundings in which to enjoy a stimulating aperitif or relaxing after-dinner snifter. Yes, we've adapted the vocabulary of the halcyon days of the traditional cocktail because there is something classically timeless about our MBar. Luxuriously spacious and comfy couches, Poser tables, open fireplace and views across the Spey, topped off with a décor designed by Margot and her famed team at Chelsea McLaine - it's the perfect place to relax and unwind.

In recent times, both the cocktail and craft beers have enjoyed something of a renaissance, and we specialise in both at MBar. We stock many of the well-known Highland craft beers, such as Spey Valley, Windswept and the Cairngorm Brewery, along with one or two rarities for you to sample. When it comes to cocktails, we can create all the old favourites like a Whisky Sour or an Old Fashioned, but we like a challenge too. Choosing isn't necessarily easy, but our cocktail maestro Lauren and her band of merry mixologists (yes, that's a word) will be on hand to advise.

If you care for a little fresh air whilst you are enjoying your aperitif, chaser or snifter, then our Glenfiddich Terrace provides a gloriously tranquil spot in which to partake of a little outdoor sluicing and feasting (and that's us done with the old fashioned speak, we promise!).