Meet the team

Here, at the Dowans, our staff are key to making us who we are. Without their effort, dedication and service professionalism, we would not have achieved the levels of success that we have experienced since we took over the Dowans; for those very reasons, we are indebted to their hard work and commitment. Let us introduce you to a few of those individuals who you may meet on your next trip:

Scott Morton

Quietly spoken but with a wicked sense of humour, our Head Chef Scott is a devoted family man whose second greatest passion is food; on the one hand, capable of producing dishes that are simple yet flavoursome and, on the other, dishes that are equally resplendent with fantastic flavours but catered to those who like the finer things in life. Both styles have been reviewed to the highest of acclaim by the guests that have shared their time with us. Coming to us by way of the Craigellachie Hotel and, most recently, the Highlander Inn, Scott understands the wealth of produce available to us in Scotland, in general, and, more specifically, Speyside.

Shona Nicholson

Shona is, without doubt, a breath of fresh air. Quick with a joyful outburst of laughter, which tends to be your first clue that she is in the building, she never fails to create a feeling of warmth in the team when she is on shift. Approaching us when a position opened for Breakfast Chef, we could not have anticipated the level of dedication, spirited enthusiasm and passion that she would show for the role and we can safely say that our breakfast menu has never been so full of tasty delights! Her creation of dishes and the consistent quality with which they go out to the guests have led to rave reviews and we look forward to them continuing, as they surely will!

Dean Pirie

Dean has been with us for over 5 years and, almost at his anniversary of joining us, he made the jump from Supervisor to Assistant Manager. We couldn’t be prouder of his contribution to the business which, he regularly demonstrates, is as close to being his own as it is ours! As a member of our management team, he is responsible not only for boosting team morale but also keeping our guests comfortable and well looked after – jobs that he excels at. Here is to many more years of having him as part of our family!

Luanna Jeronimo

Luanna is always laughing. Or telling jokes or keeping us giggling. But she also works incredibly hard and that hard work is what led us to elevate her into the position of Deputy Head Housekeeper. Her keen eye for detail ensures that the space that we work in is spotless and that consistently gains us the praise of it being the cleanest hotel that people have stayed in. We thank her for that diligence and look forward to her on-going progression within the company. Until then, watch out for one of the smiling Brazilians on the team and say hi to Luanna!

Flavio Araujo

Joining us immediately after we re-opened post-Lockdown 2.0, Flav very quickly demonstrated his passion for food; experimenting with flavour combinations, texture and some quirky additions to dishes, he regularly keeps our palates craving more. As Sous Chef, Flav supports Scott in team training, morale boosting and dish creation; with the rest of the team, he inspires them to cook to their best abilities on every service and that, absolutely, is key to success.

Keri Gordon

We first met Keri when she was in her late teens and frequenting our bar/restaurant for nights out but, even then, we knew that she would have been a great addition to the team. Fast forward a few years and, after having had her two beautiful daughters, Keri came to us and asked for a job. Well, we’re delighted that she did because, as we felt sure from all those year before, Keri has been a wonderful addition to our team. Hard-working, committed and demonstrating leadership qualities ahead of being, officially, given the title, we could not ask for a better person to take on a role as part of the team and family. We very much look forward to seeing her grow within the business and taking on more responsibility as she does.

Patryk Orzechowski

When we interviewed Courtney, we were sold. But when she said that her husband, Patryk, would be joining her and that he was a Chef de Partie, we thought that our dreams had come true in this climate of general under-staffing. Much more than just a ‘bonus’ hire though, Patryk has very quickly become a firm favourite on the team and regularly has the kitchen in fits of giggles. Friendly and light-hearted, he is exactly the kind of personality that you need on our long days.

Courtney McCormack

Joining us in summer 2022, Courtney very quickly made a positive mark on the team and on the business. Hailing from New Zealand, she is funny, friendly and always up for listening (and sometimes indulging) our crazy ideas! Although she has been with us for a relatively short period, our camaraderie would suggest that it has been much longer as she is firmly imbedded in our family. She’ll keep you laughing and, surely, that is a key part of the hospitality that we would wish to offer!