Getting to Know You…

April 27, 2021By Dowans AdminBlog

‘Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…’ Firstly, yes, we are musical fans (don’t judge us!). Secondly, this is more about YOU getting to know US but we couldn’t find another song that worked…although maybe ‘we are family’ is a better option?! Anyway, enough of that. Hello! We are the Murray family … Read More

Covid: Lessons Learnt & Sustainability

March 28, 2021By adminBlog

This last year has been unusual…to say the least. As we joyfully entered 2020, hoping and planning for another year of success as a family run and operated business, who could have imagined that we would be closing our doors, with no certainty of when they’d re-open, just three months later. Ah, March 2020 – … Read More

What We’ve Done So Far…

March 19, 2021By adminBlog

Dad (Michael to everyone else!) previously worked for a multi-national thread manufacturer as CEO and it was through that role that sustainability and CSR really took on an importance within his general business ethos. In many discussions that we had as a family (before we became partners), it was something that he passed onto us … Read More