We have always strongly believed in a work/life balance for our team alongside fair wages for fair work. Although these have all become buzzwords in recent years, we have always been at the forefront of their promotion.

Since 2019, we have been Real Living Wage employers, joining only 4000 other companies in the UK who have received this accreditation. This is for those who work by the hour but for those who work on full time contracts, their wage is much higher. For us, this higher wage allows for our team to feel more secure in their employment and have access to better living conditions outside of the workplace. It also makes them feel valued and that, in turn, gives them a real ‘buy in’ to what we are aiming to achieve as a company.

Not only do we believe in paying a fair wage but we also believe firmly in providing full training for the team whether that is inviting external bodies to come and provide that training in full or for us to ensure that regular training sessions are held which improves on our team’s product knowledge which, as a consequence, improves the experience for our guests.

On our team, we have people who have a variety of circumstances outside of work that are important to them whether that be extra-curriculars, young families, people that they care for etc and we aim to provide the flexibility for those external priorities to be put to the forefront of how we then provide their hours each week – for us as a family, we understand that family, mental health and physical health are of the utmost priority and we would not want our team to sacrifice on those commitments whilst they are employed by ourselves.

In conclusion, our team mean a lot to us and, as a consequence, we experience very little turnover in our full-time team members and that is of the utmost importance to our aims to remain consistent at all times in the service that we provide for our guests.