We have all been brought up in the understanding that giving back to society, no matter in what manner, is of the utmost importance. Lauren and I have lived a life of relative privilege with a family who love us and kept us in safe and secure surroundings – we understand and are completely aware that this is not the same for everyone. Due to that, our ability to give back and to possibly provide more security for someone, somewhere, is an important principle that we live by both in private and also through the business.

Throughout the year, we are approached to provide raffle prizes and donations for various charitable organisations and local community groups – we provide these regularly and hold a substantial charitable donation budget throughout the year that ensures that the answer is ‘yes’ to these requests.

Over and above that though, we support charitable donations that have we have a strong affinity with such as SAMH, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Moray Food Bank, Dr Gray’s Maternity Ward and many, many more. Throughout the year, we donate separate amounts to these organisations and host events with the proceeds (either in full or partial) going towards them.

Charity starts at home but is not restricted to being maintained there and that will always form part of our company ethos and CSR.