From Benromach to The Glenlivet, from Tamdhu to Cardhu.

The Dowans Hotel lies at the heart of Malt Whisky country – Scotland’s most famous export. More than half of Scotland’s malt whisky distilleries are situated in Speyside. Hardly a road can be taken without seeing the charcoal stained, stone bonded warehouses and pagoda roofs distinct of malt whisky distillation. Some of the most famous malts are in Speyside: Glenfiddich, The Macallan and Aberlour amongst them, but also the lesser known such as Glenfarclas, Speyburn and Tomintoul. Our Still bar stocks them all, along with the famously smoky malts from Islay and Orkney, a selection of the lighter and drier Lowlands malts, and one or two historic Campbletowns.

In total our collection over 500 strong and we have a dram to suit both the newcomer and the seasoned connoisseur alike  – including a very rare 40 year old Macallan.

The Still Club

Malt whisky is not just a drink. It is an intrinsic part of the cultural heritage of the Scottish Highlands. For many years the distilling of malt whisky was forced underground by excessive taxation and yet, in defiance, we still created the fabled aqua vitae or 'water of life' right under the noses of the dreaded Excisemen. As Scotland’s most famous bard put it: Freedom an' whisky gang thegither! Today Scotch Whisky is our biggest industry and by far our biggest export. But the whisky is still made in the traditional way: a method that keeps malt whisky making indelibly linked to the soil, the culture and the people of the Highlands. It’s a passion, a passion that we at the Dowans share, and a passion we want you to share with us. So why not join our Still Club.

You will have:

    The  opportunity to indulge in an array of rare and famous whiskies with likeminded friends.

    The chance to purchase rare whiskies at a considerable discount.

    Receive a bottle of Champagne for every dinner that you have with us for 4 people or more.

    Selected access to the Still for private dinners for up to 15 people with a specially selected whisky themed menu.

  A locked cabinet space to store your own precious whiskies.

  Discounted ticket prices and first access to their sale for private tastings (we will hold at least 4 per year) including our bi-annual festival events.

If you would like to know more about The Still Club please contact us here or call us on 01340 871488