March 2014: Live to eat!

scottish flag

Virginia Woolf once said that “one cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well”. We couldn’t agree more. We are very much of the belief here at the Dowans that you must live to eat rather than eat to live. And with the wealth of produce that surround us in this beautiful and picturesque part of Scotland, how could we not be of that opinion? We consider ourselves to be extremely lucky.

Our journey through the superb wealth of Scotland’s larder is one that we do not take lightly. In our progress through the development of Bistro 57’s menu, we have learnt much about what the area has to offer in order to provide us with the option to be flexible with the dishes that we use on the menu. After many months of working at the menu, we are satisfied with what we can offer from the local area whilst supplementing with a few products here and there that are not local but which allow us to be expansive with our choices.

Our new mission is one that will be more in depth and specific with the aim of using solely Scottish produce in Spé, our fine dining offer; and, beyond that, ingredients that we can find on our doorstep whether that be literally or figuratively as we are in the process of developing two separate herb and vegetable gardens that will supplement what produce we are able to source from local suppliers. We take this aim seriously and we hope that we can fulfil it in order to become part of an increasingly large support group who would like to see an increase in the passion for local produce whilst keeping it on home ground. Therefore, we will change our menu seasonally and will seek to constantly and consistently seek new ingredients from the area whether that be meat, fish, seafood or vegetable produce. And if we sometimes find that the local area might restrict us a bit then we have the rest of Scotland to rely on as a more than capable supplier!

So, come on in-to either restaurant and dining experience-and see what is on offer! We are very excited and would be more than willing to share this excitement with you so please feel free to visit the specific pages for Bistro 57 and Spé on the website and then get yourselves booked in!