January 2014: Snow?

To all of our guests of 2013 and all those that will follow this year, welcome to our very first newsletter since our arrival at the Dowans, this beautiful Baronial style house hotel.

We hope that you all had a relaxing, stress-free Christmas and New Year and that you have managed to keep up with at least some of your New Year’s resolutions! Here at the Dowans, we are all slowly recovering from our first, very busy, festive period and are already back in the swing of what we hope will be an even busier year than last. Already we are seeing our bookings coming in thick and fast for various periods throughout the year and January has seen us significantly increase upon the amount of guests that passed through our doors at the same time last year. Long may that continue!

The snow has yet to make a grand appearance but we spotted some lying on Ben Rinnes the other day so maybe we will experience the full brunt of a Scottish Highland winter yet…we’ll see! Regardless, the scenery still continues to take our breath away and with the huge amount of re-organisation that was done to the garden this past year, we are now able to see even more of it from the warmth and comfort of hotel. Additionally, our pond has become a special feature having been given the TLC that it has lacked in the past number of years. Hopefully this summer will see it not only becoming a feature in some of the photos of the weddings that we are hosting but also being used as an outside seating area if the sun makes a noteworthy appearance! We’re sure that our four Mallards (and hopefully ducklings!) will enjoy the company!

Additionally, we hope that the renovation work that we have completed thus far will be intensified this year with the addition of an accessible male and female toilet suite on the ground floor including a baby changing facility and a transformed reception area that will help us to ensure that the checking in process is one of greater comfort…perhaps even with a wee dram being included to welcome you to this special building and area.

In the meantime, we hope that you all have a successful 2014 and we look forward to welcoming you to the Dowans at some point in the near future.

Best Wishes,

The Murrays

(Michael, Marie, Stephanie, Lauren, Sean)