International Women in Whisky Day Luncheon

Whisky Luncheon

We are happy to announce that on the 2nd of May we are co-hosting a Charity Whisky Lunch with the talented whisky blogger, Alwynne Gwilt otherwise known as Miss Whisky, to celebrate the second annual celebration of International Women in Whisky Day.

The lunch will not only showcase four courses with some of the brilliant produce that we have in Scotland’s larder but also five fabulous whiskies which have all been created by or inspired by women.

In order to fully focus the lunch on the impact of women in the whisky industry, but also in wider society, £25 of the ticket price will be put towards a donation for the Women’s Fund in Scotland which “raises money from individuals and organisations, which is then distributed through grants to charities and community groups working with and for women”-(

The tickets are priced at £60 including VAT and are available to buy from the hotel directly so please call us on 01340 871488.