Fine Dining at Spe restaurant, Dowans Hotel Aberlour


Spé is the original Gaelic word for Spey and forms part of a language once spoken across the Highlands and now enjoying a modern revival. We gave our restaurant the name Spé to reflect a cuisine which takes the staple dishes of traditional fine dining and gives them a fresh and exciting twist.

After much consideration and taking into account the demand that we have seen over the three plus years that we have been in possession of this magnificent hotel, we decided to change slightly the manner in which we present our ‘fine dining’ menu. To begin with, we took the opportunity to provide for a ‘tasting’ menu with 5 or 7 courses on both Friday and Saturday evenings. However, the daunted looks of concern on our guests’ faces as to whether 7 courses would be ‘too much’ led us to cut this down to 3 or 5 courses instead; available on the same evenings of Friday and Saturday.

Further exploration of this set-up led us to determine that mid-week demands for the menu were on the increase, mostly from our corporate guests but also from those who were taking the opportunity to have a mid-week break. With respect to those guests, we finally decided that an incorporation of ‘fine dining’ dishes into our regular ’57’ menu would be beneficial therefore allowing for a cross-over between informal and hearty dishes and those with a little more finesse in terms of their plating.

This led to the creation of our ‘Market Menu’: a menu within a menu if you will which not only focuses on seasonal produce, as the rest of our ’57’ menu does, but also offers the option of some more intricate style dishes with the elegance of ‘fine dining’.

Nevertheless, the 3 or 5 course ‘tasting’ format is still available with everything that is traditional of a fine dining experience, including an amuse bouche at the set price of £40 or £60 respectively. No longer dependant on demand, this is available all week long for those who so wish to indulge!

For more details, please call us on 01340 871488 or e-mail us on enquiries@dowanshotel.com