April 2014: Summer is Almost Here!


April 2014: Summer is almost here!

Although our last newsletter was written in February, I felt myself checking to make sure as so much has happened since then!

The original room 12, one of our standard doubles, was valiantly brought down to its bare bones by the crow-bar and sledgehammer wielding hands of Michael, Steph and some unlucky passer-bys who were unfortunate enough to be in the grounds of the hotel at the time…Michael and Steph would like to say that it was tactfully done but the shouts of glee whenever another built-in cupboard came crashing down suggested otherwise! Stress management should incorporate demolition work into their therapies. Luckily for future inhabitants of the room, the re-construction was carried out by seasoned professionals and Longmorn, room 12’s new name, has been up and running with success since the beginning of the month. Designed with the hues of the new Spring growth in mind, the king sized bed, capable of becoming a twin, is adorned with Osborne and Little fabric throws whilst the room is fitted with some of the best in modern technological nik-naks that will help to make your stay as comfortable as possible: Tassimo coffee machine, iPod and DVD capable flat screen TV, de-misting and lit mirror and a heated towel rail are just some of these.

With the busy summer season quite literally sprinting to catch up with us, we have already started the work on our ground floor bathroom facilities and new reception area which should hopefully allow for greater convenience and movement for the many guests that we anticipate walking through our doors. Not only will the work open up the space underneath the prominent staircase, it will also allow us to re-instate the original front door, resplendent with its inscribed archway, which will allow our guests to take in the full view over the Spey Valley and our beautifully manicured gardens before joining us for a welcome dram! The work will be intense but we expect, like our previous renovation work, that it will have minimal impact (if any) on those guests who come to either dine or stay with us. Watch this space for progress snaps!

Moving away from the renovation work, our other immediate focus is the up-coming Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival, starting on the 1st of May. We are truly excited to be a part of this globally acclaimed festival and this year is an even greater honour as the festival launches Homecoming Scotland’s Whisky Month! Kicking off with our first Whisky themed dinner on Friday the 2nd, we look forward to serving some great Scottish dishes alongside some of the malts that make this area famous; Saturday and Sunday during the day, we will be joined by Andy Bell of Inverarity121 and whisky consultant of Mulberrybank Auction House talking us through some of the finest Speyside malts, their history and the collectibles market; Sunday night, we will host another Whisky themed dinner; and finally, Monday will see us join two of Ballindalloch area’s greatest attributes: Glenfarclas whisky and venison. It is not too late to join us for these events so if you are interested then please do not hesitate to either visit the Spirit of Speyside website or call us on 01340 871488.

With all of this in mind, we must get back to work but we look forward to seeing you over the next few months in order for you to join us in our excitement as the Dowans Hotel continues to grow and develop!